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Creation of Custom Name (mobile)

You can set up a white labeled domain for the builder through a CNAME record. This will be the unique domain name you want your client to use.  Like mobile.yourdomainname.com  or  app.yourdomainname.com.  When your client visits mobile.yourdomainname.com or whatever you used, it will take them to your white label version of mobimatic with your logo and branding.

To create the CNAME you must connect to your domain name panel and create a CNAME record named “mobile” (or whatever you want to use)  which will have app.mobimaticbuilder.com as its destination.

This tutorial will illustrate for cPanel Users.

  • Login to your Cpanel
  • Click on “Simple DNS Zone Editor”



  • Input your mobile subdomain in the space for name
  • In the space for CNAME or Record, enter “app.mobimaticbuilder.com”
  • And submit. (Click Add CNAME Record)


It can take a few minutes to hours for CNAME to propagate in all DNS zones.

Two ways to know it has been propagated.
1.) When you visit your CNAME (e.g mobile.yourdomain.com) you are redirected to app.mobimaticbuilder.com login page or dashboard.

2.) Do A DNS Check
If you want to be sure your CNAME is properly set globally, just check your CNAME record with this tool:
Enter the chosen URL of your CNAME, in our example mobile.yourdomain.com, then choose CNAME, and click “search”,

If it doesn’t show http://www.app.mobimaticbuilder.com as the result on all the country zones, that means it has not finished propagating. If it does not show at all, it means you have not created your CNAME or you are not creating the CNAME at the right place (your domain name may be managed by another panel). If this persists, contact your hosting company or domain registrar.


For now this can be done via the Mobimatic Theme Club and Resource Center.

  1. From the top menu, Go to “My Account’ > “White Lable”screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-9-33-01-am
  2. On the white label page, Check the White Label option to enable the white label feature.01
  3. Enter The Requested information as follows:

a. White Label Name: This is your preferred mobile app company name

b. Host Name: This is your custom subdomain (the one you just setup CNAME record for in part 1)


       4. Click Save.


System emails are sent to your clients -e.g password reminder, form, and booking submission, etc. These mails comes from Mobimatic. To fully have a white label system, you can configure the From ‘Sender Name’ and ‘Email Addresses’ that your users will use.

  • Fill in the From Sender Name  e.g App Company
  • Fill in the  From Sender Email ( e.g info@appscompanyname.com. leave the email field blank if you are not going to use custom SMTP)




We have dedicated email servers. You can use our servers or use your own SMTP servers to handle the emails sent from your white labeled platform.

To use custom SMTP, tick the checkbox and fill in your SMTP details


Your SMTP has been set.

Upload Your SSL Certificate 

Apple & iOS policies require that your mobile app uses https to connect to the web portal. After you set up the white label system, for your apps to work, YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN MUST HAVE SSL (or subdomain if you are using a subdomain or CNAME).
You can purchase SSL from your domain registrar or web host.
After purchase, you have to upload your SSL certificates to mobimatic.

Click Here to submit your SSL for upload.
Admin will receive your certificate and manually upload it to mobimatic.
This is a manual process and can take up to 24 working hours.


Click the Gear Icon on the Left Menu to upload your Logo



The Recommended Logo Dimension Is: 190 X 48 px

Your White Label Is Now Ready To Be Rocked!
Thumbs up… reward yourself with a cup of coffee.


NB: Please note also that the customization you make with this process will only appear at your white label editor address (custom domain), and not on mobimatic platform, that’s why you may notice that the changes disappear when you close the customization panel.

These changes are saved to be displayed at your custom domain.

You can create clients and direct them to your custom domain.
When they visit through the custom domain, they will see your branding.

Click Here to learn how to create and manage clients.


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