Understanding Client Access

As a registered mobimatic user, you have the option to creat a sub-account for your clients. The User/client Management System allows you to create accounts for your clients. You can choose the particular apps you want each client to have access to. Your clients cannot create new apps. They will only have access to their own app(s). They can only do basic edits and management like send push notifications, edit content, view analytics, etc


Step 1.

Click on “my account” and select “Client Access”


Step 2.

Fill in the necessary details and click save.


Limiting Client Access.

After adding your clients, you can limit the apps they can have access to.
To do this, edit the client.


When you edit the client, the option to choose the app they can access will appear. Just tick the apps that belongs to that particular client and also if the can add new pages or they can only edit pages.



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