How to use Mobimatic iOS Auto-publish service?

You can submit your app to the App Store automatically with our auto-publishing service called “iOS Auto-publish“. This method doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Note: Unfortunately you can’t use the iOS Auto-publish if you have an Apple account that is “Individual”. Before using this service, please check that your Apple account […]

Android Publication

Publishing Your Android App is Just a 3 step Process. Step 1 – Download Your Apk From Mobimatic Step 2 – Create A Google Developer Account (If you don’t already have one) Step 3 – Upload Your Apk to Google Playstore   Step 1 Download Your App From Mobimatic   […]

How to find Apple team id, name & provider

Membership First login to and Click on Account Then go to Membership, below you’ll find your Team Name “Dummy Corp.” and Team ID “CD56GBUJHY”   Since Apple are merging Developer & App Store Connect accounts, your Provider should be your Team ID Team Id: CD56GBUJHY Team Name: Dummy Corp. Provider: CD56GBUJHY Troubleshooting: If the build is unsuccessful due to the Provider being […]

Facebook Login – Connection error

If you have this error message : Not logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again. You have to update your Facebook APi settings and turn the Web OAuth Login to yes and you have to add http://localhost/, http://localhost/callback/, https://localhost/, https://localhost/callback/,,,  

Classifieds (Classified Ads)

Classifieds is a feature that enables you to create your own Classified Ads platform for your clients. To use this feature, you have to create a Google Maps JavaScript API: Click here to learn how to create this API key. First, click on the in the “Add pages” section, to add […]


In this article, we will learn how it is possible to integrate your playlists or the one of your favorite artists into your app. To create a Music page in your app click on  Click on  to create a new playlist:   Click on  to save your choice: You have […]

How to create an API key for Paypal

For use in the Mcommerce feature.   PayPal is one of the world’s largest Internet payment companies. The company operates as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee. If you choose Paypal in your Mcommerce setup, you’ll need to […]

How to Use the Theme-Club

The Theme-club allows you to access the Theme Marketplace to Install your Mobimatic Template Club Templates as well allowing you to convert your apps to themes either to sell or give it for free on the Theme Marketplace. To Access the Theme-club Visit Here you can login with your Mobimatic […]

Privacy Policy

Where can I find the Privacy Policies of my application ? If your application have the `My Account` feature you can find it right inside under the button `Privacy policy` If you want more flexibility for your Privacy Policies, you can also add them as a `Feature` In the Editor > […]