Theme Club App Design Guideline

Let’s get started!
There are Three things you need to know about being a Mobimatic Theme Author. The
entire goal of mobimatic is to create a super easy way for ANYONE to build
mobile App Fast and the theme club is another way to take it a step further.

1. We live for quality.
Only the best authors and Themes make it through our review process. This way we
make sure that all themes meet our quality and value standards.

2. Make it Niche Specific .
The main goal is to make our theme to be almost like an “Install and Go” kind of
thing. Your Theme should be specific e.g Barber theme, Club Theme, Watch Store theme etc.

3. Proper Theme Description:
The most successful authors put as much love into describing and presenting their
Themes as they do in creating theme.


The Specific guide are discussed under the following:
– Images
– Icons
– Color
– Content
– Theme Size
– Theme Store Submission

We put a lot of scrutiny into App Theme Images as this is the most important part
of your theme look and feel.
SPLASH IMAGE. Splash Images should be designed and optimized to the various
sizes and dimensions needed during app design.
Splash Image SIZES
Size: 640×960
iPhone 5 / 5S: 640×1136
iPhone 6: 750×1334
iPhone 6 Plus: 1242×2208
iPad Retina: 1536×2048
• The Splash Image should be super clear and crisp. A guide is to design your
image that will greater in size that the largest resolution.
• The Splash Images should NOT carry any logo designed directly into the
image. This is to allow the theme user to use theme’s splash images without the
limitation of another logo.
• Use Generic Images specific to the niche, such that any user can easily use
these images if they wish.

In App Pages should be related to the niche. So, if designing a Car Rental theme,
the pages should be carry relevant images regarding Car Rental. The typical
recommended sizes are listed below

The Rule is to use background Images with a size of at least that of the largest
image in the splash Images.

There should be consistency in your colors regarding how colors on your app
blends with others.
We want a perfect blend of colors so the colors are consistent and go well

It is best practice to use colors like black on a white background or White on a
dark background.
Heading Text can carry bright colors, Others should follow the recommendation
The aim here is not use too many distracting text colors especially for long write-ups.

For the Best Visual you can create custom icons outside of mobimatic following
the Color theme for your design.
The Mobimatic Default Icons for pages is also a great tool but the color choice
should be chosen based on the color theme and also based on the splash image.
The Icons (layout dependent) are displayed directly on the Splash Image so the
app icon color should be very visible on the splash Image.

Like Mentioned Earlier , the aim is to greatly reduce the app design time with our
• It is a recommended to use real contents in the app niche you are building.
However dummy contents can be used, especially for descriptions.
• We strongly advice that the headline text and other key points in app
be real content relevant to that niche.

The Priority is design, next is the theme size , we recommend properly Optimizing
the Images to be used before uploading. A great way to do this is using a FREE
Tool like

PRICING- Your Theme Design can either be FREE or a PAID
FREE – Free
PAID — Minimun of $10 Per theme, NO MAXIMUM.


Check that your preview image, thumbnail, title, description and tags follow our
formatting standards.
Your theme name and description must accurately describe your theme. They
should both provide relevant information that makes it easy for users and buyers
to find themes meeting their needs.
The name field should always be relevant, concise, and professional looking. The
following are examples of good and bad naming practices:

“This is the Theme Name” – Capitalize the first letter in each word. Small words
like “of” and “an” may be lowercase.
“this is also not acceptable” – Do not use all lowercase.
“Beautiful File” or “The Best Theme” – Do not use subjective words like brilliant,
amazing, or best. These words describe your opinion rather than what the theme
actually is.
“User9909 – File Name” – Do not append your username or any other lessrelevant
information to the file name.
“Apple-like Design” – Do not describe what your item is similar to in its title,
describe what it actually is.

To list your theme, a featured image is required , as well additional theme

Featured Image
Simply use any of the Splash images on your you used in your app design.
Preferably you can use the 640×1136 Splash Image

Theme Preview Images
Use Screenshots of your Actual Theme Pages.
A Minimum of 3 is Required
Choose a suitable category for your theme .

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