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Where can I find the Privacy Policies of my application ?

If your application have the `My Account` feature you can find it right inside under the button `Privacy policy`

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If you want more flexibility for your Privacy Policies, you can also add them as a `Feature`

In the Editor > Features section you can add the `Privacy policy` and customize it to your needs, or stick with the default one we provide.

I don’t want to add the “Privacy policy”  as a “Feature”, how can I edit it ?

If you want to edit the privacy policy you can go in Settings > Terms & Conditions and edit the privacy policy right here.


How can I get a publicly accessible link the to Privacy Policy of my Application ?

Here are all the pages you can find the public link for your application.

Editor > Publication > General Information

Editor > Settings > Terms & Conditions

Editor > Features > Privacy Policy

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