Language Translation

We add new languages every week based on request.

When a new language is added, you do not need to recompile, regenerate the APK or republish it on the stores. Your app will be automatically translated when you open it next time (you have to close and open the app again to see the modifications).

However, the language of the app is based on the language of your phone. That means if you add a new language in your dashboard but the phone is turned into another language, the app will use the default language: english.

For instance, let say that you activated the Spanish language in mobimatic:
If your phone language is Russian, the app will use the English default language.
If your turn your phone into Spanish language, the app will be displayed in Spanish language.

Moreover, you cannot select a language into your app neither force a specific language to your users. The app will always use the phone language and use the translations we have on the system (or use the default English language if the user’s phone language is not translated in mobimatic).

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