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Note that your Clients need to own an Apple Developer account in order for their apps to be published. You can no longer publish your clients’ apps in your Developer Account. This is as a result of a policy change by Apple

It will help to approach this tutorial with some patience and perspective. Becoming a registered developer is a lengthy process. Just remember: in the end you will be able to submit an app (or apps!) to the App Store for potential fortune and glory! The process is very very simple though lengthy.

With Mobimatic, there are two ways you publish you iOS APP

  1. Auto iOS App Publication
  2. Manual iOS App Publication

In this article we will be looking at the auto publication method which is very easy, fast and does not require a macbook. The manual method however requires a Mac computer because you must use Xcode software (which is only available on Mac).


Auto iOS App Publication

To publish an iOS app (auto or manual)  you need to have an Apple developer account. Apple charges a $99 annual fee to all developers. This is paid directly to Apple. With this you get to publish unlimited apps on the app store through itunes connect. Click HERE to learn step by step how to signup the right way for the Apple iOS Developer program.

Tip: Apple passes all apps through a rigorous review process before it goes public. This review takes about 5 – 10 days. To be on the safe side, plese go through this CHECKLIST to avoid rejection.

If all is well, then let the party begin.

Basically there are 2 steps involved in publishing iOS Apps

  1. Send Auto Upload Request
  2. Prepare Store Lisiting

Step 1: Send Auto
Upload Request


Login to Mobimatic Members Area Visit
Locate  iOS Auto Uploader under resources or click here

Fill The Form.

  • Enter your name, mobimatic email and mobimatic password
  • Your app name, 
  • Login details to your itunes connect account.

Click on submit.

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-19-14-am screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-19-30-am

Your app will be auto uploaded to your itunes connect account.
You will receive email notification of the process.

Step 2: Prepare iTunes
Store Listing

Now it’s time to get to know iTunes Connect. Go to: and log in with your iOS Developer credentials.

Click iTunes Connect:

submit an app

Note: You can also connect directly to iTunes Connect via the url:

The first time you connect, you’ll see a brief introduction panel. You may wish to skip this in future:

submit an app

Also, if it’s your first time, you’ll have to accept the Terms of Service. By now you know the drill: lawyer, click checkbox, click Accept. It might be a good idea to keep that lawyer on a retainer…:

submit an app

You will now be greeted with the main iTunes Connect dashboard. There are a lot of things to do here — this tutorial will show you the basic steps to get your app submitted, but if you want the gritty details you can check out the complete iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

First things first: If you want to get paid for your apps, there’s some “paperwork” you must fill out. It’s better to get this stuff out of the way right now. It’s pretty boring and it will vary a lot from country to country but, seriously, if you want to get money from your apps you’ll have to endure it.

Click HERE to learn how to setup agreements, taxing and banking.

If all of your apps (or at least the first) will be free, you can skip this section and go right to Submitting Your App below.

Submitting Your App

There are certain items you’ll need to get in order, before you can go any further. Make sure you have the following ready before you even get started:

  • Your app’s name.
  • Your app’s description.
  • Your app’s icon, sized 1024 by 1024 pixels.
  • 3.5 inch retina: Sized: 640 x 920 (no status); 640 x 960 (full screen); or, for landscape, 960 x 600 (no status bar); or 960 x 640 (full screen).
  • 4 inch retina: Sized: 640 x 1096 (no status); 640 x 1136 (full screen); or, for landscape, 1136 x 600 (no status); 1136 x 640 (full screen).
  • 4.7 inch retina: Sized: 750 x 1334 (portrait); 1334 x 750 (landscape).
  • 5.5 inch retina: Sized: 1242 x 2208 (portrait); 2208 x 1242 (landscape).
  • iPad: These should be sized 1024 x 748 (landscape, no status); 1024 x 768 (landscape, full screen); 2048 x 1496 (landscape hi-res, no status); 2048 x 1536 (landscape hi-res, full screen); 768 x 1004 (portrait, no status bar); 768 x 1024 (portrait, full screen); 1536 x 2008 (hi-res portrait, no status bar); 1536 x 2048 (hi-res portrait, full screen).
  • iPad Pro: Sized 2048 x 2732 (portrait); 2732 x 2048 (landscape).

Notes: Your images can be in JPEG or PNG format. Not everything is required. What is compulsory is your App Name, App Icon, minimum of 2 screenshots (5.5 inch and iPad Pro)

Click Here to Learn How To Generate Screenshot

Once you’ve got all this assembled, click My Apps in iTunes Connect:

submit an app

If Auto Upload was successful, you will see your app listed.
Click The name of the App to open it.

The details screen appears. Click App Information. Fill out the Category fields based on your app information. If your app gathers data or your app is “Made for Kids” you must have a privacy policy posted — thePrivacy Policy URL should contain the address for this. Scroll through the rest of the settings and set any appropriate for your app. Click Save:

submit an app

Now click Pricing and Availability:

submit an app

Select All Prices and Currencies for more information about the price tiers. Now choose your desired price tier or indicate that your app will be free. You can specify different prices within different date ranges if you wish by selecting Plan a Price Change. But for now, just add one entry — the Start Date will default to today; the End Date will be set to “No End Date”.

Check the radio button if you want your app to be offered at a discount to educational institutions when they purchase multiple copies at once. You can also offer your app to businesses at a discount for multiple purchases.

Once you’re done, click Save:

submit an app

scroll down to General App Information. Add your icon — it must be 1024 by 1024 pixels.

Set the version number (should be the same as in your app’s Xcode project).

Fill out a copyright notice (generally just the release year and your name or your company’s name), a contact email and affiliated websites.

submit an app

Click Edit next to Rating. Enter the categories appropriate for your app. Be honest, as the reviewer can make changes to this section if they disagree. Click Done:

submit an app

Scroll down to App Review Information. This section is designed to help the person who reviews and approves your app. The Notes can be used for details about your app that you want the reviewer to know about. For example, if users need to sign up at a website or even within the app in order to use it, provide some credentials here to make the reviewer’s job easier.
For mobimatic, if you have a feature that requires login visit the users page under settings to create a demo account.

submit an app

Finally, use the Version Release section to indicate when you want the app to be released. Since this is the first version, just leave the Automatically release this version option selected.

Now click Save:

submit an app

If there were no issues with what you have entered, you will now see a Submit for Review button in the top right:

Click Submit for Review:

submit an app

Answer these questions honestly, then click Submit:

submit an app

You’re done now. You should receive a couple of emails from iTunes Connect telling you your app has been uploaded and is waiting for review. Your app’s status has also changed:

submit an app

All you have to do now is wait for your app to be approved! You will receive emails about every change in status your app moves through. Usually after about a week the status should change to “In Review,” then to “Approved”. Unless you chose a future release date, a few minutes after approval your app’s status will shift to “Processing for App Store”, then a few minutes later to “Ready for Sale”.

In iTunes Connect click Activity, followed by App Store Versions to see the status of your app throughout the process:

submit an app

If your app is not approved, Apple will email you with more information. They have gotten pretty good at being specific at what the exact problem is and how you can fix it, for the most part.

If this happens, it’s no big deal – just fix the problem and re-submit.

The time for reviews for your apps will vary based on traffic, but in general it takes around 5-10 days for most people.

Thumbs up… reward yourself with a cup of coffee.

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