How to remotely access and control your computer

Remote access in computer networking terms is any software technology that gives the ability to access and control another computer from a distance over the network or over the Internet. This means that the user can control and work on the other computer without being physically present at its location. Remote access is often used in corporate networks  where the IT Administrators need to access servers or assist the workstation users securely and quickly without interrupting the productivity.

Today there are many remote access software programs in the market that may also help the home users to access and control their home computer from anywhere in the world. But, in my opinion, one of the easiest applications to securely access a remote computer is TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is one of my favorite applications as I have been using it for several years now in order to provide technical support and assistance both to my friends and customers, because it is easy to be downloaded and installed even by a amateur user.

TeamViewer has more features when compared to other remote access software that exist in the market, plus it is a cross platform application (runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobiles). Some of the useful features that I found in TeamViewer and are given for free for NON-Commercial use, is the ability to use the program for unattended access to your remote computer, to cut and paste using the clipboard, to transfer files, to open multiple sessions, to disable the remote input, to reboot the remote computer in safe mode, etc. TeamViewer is also available as a portable application so you don’t have to setup the program in order to use it. This is useful when the program is used to provide (or receive) assistance without running always in the background.

This article contains instructions on how to install and configure TeamViewer in order to enable it to be accessed remotely by you.

Step 1. Download TeamViewer.




Step 2. Click and select “Run as administrator”.


Step 3. Install TeamViewer on your home computer.

Step 4. Share your computer remotely.

1. When TeamViewer installation ends, take note of your ID and Password. This would enable you share your computer remotely.



You ‘re done! From now on, you can share your screen with the Mobimatic Tech Team in event that you need any assistance while builder your app!

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