iOS App Publication Image Assets

Its is advisable that you create a very engaging description for your App as possible, so start thinking about this early in the development process!
 Next, upload at least two screenshots of the app.(click here for a tutorial on how to make screnshots using SnippingTool , MAcScreenCapture or App Previewer).

If you have the app on an Apple device, you can simply take screenshots straight from the device.

Drag these images onto your store listing where you see the following prompt:


In addition to screenshots (minimum of two), you need to upload a  1024 X 1024 pixels high-resolution version of the app icon and a  “feature graphic” to display at the top of the page. Below is a photoshop and jpeg template for download.


Download App Icon: psd-app-icon-512×512 or Jpeg-app-icon-512×512  

Download feature image templates by clicking on the underlisted devices:

  • For 3.5 inch retina: Sized: 640 x 920 (no status); 640 x 960 (full screen); or, for landscape, 960 x 600 (no status bar); or 960 x 640 (full screen).
  • 4 inch retina: Sized: 640 x 1096 (no status); 640 x 1136 (full screen); or, for landscape, 1136 x 600 (no status); 1136 x 640 (full screen).
  • 4.7 inch retina: Sized: 750 x 1334 (portrait); 1334 x 750 (landscape).
  • 5.5 inch retina: Sized: 1242 x 2208 (portrait); 2208 x 1242 (landscape).
  • iPad: These should be sized 1024 x 748 (landscape, no status); 1024 x 768 (landscape, full screen); 2048 x 1496 (landscape hi-res, no status); 2048 x 1536 (landscape hi-res, full screen); 768 x 1004 (portrait, no status bar); 768 x 1024 (portrait, full screen); 1536 x 2008 (hi-res portrait, no status bar); 1536 x 2048 (hi-res portrait, full screen).
  • iPad Pro: Sized 2048 x 2732 (portrait); 2732 x 2048 (landscape).

Tip: Your images can be in JPEG or PNG format. At least one screenshot is required (maximum 5 for each). You should not include the status bar in the images.



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