In this article, we will learn how it is possible to integrate your playlists or the one of your favorite artists into your app. To create a Music page in your app click on  Click on  to create a new playlist:   Click on  to save your choice: You have […]

How to create an API key for Paypal

For use in the Mcommerce feature.   PayPal is one of the world’s largest Internet payment companies. The company operates as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee. If you choose Paypal in your Mcommerce setup, you’ll need to […]

Privacy Policy

Where can I find the Privacy Policies of my application ? If your application have the `My Account` feature you can find it right inside under the button `Privacy policy` If you want more flexibility for your Privacy Policies, you can also add them as a `Feature` In the Editor > […]


Working with the appointment feature This is quite an interesting feature which is  easy and important, we will look at it under these subjects; 1. Welcome The Appointments feature easily allows you add an appointments booking engine to your App. The App manager will be able to create multiple stores, […]


This feature will allow you to add a quiz into your apps. Click on         to add this feature to your app. This appears: To create a quiz, click on “Manage model”. You get to this screen: As you can see, there are 3 distinct parts: Questions: it’s […]

TaxiRide Feature of Mobimatic

Exploring the Taxi App Feature With this feature you will be able to launch a “Uber-like service” with your app. To use this feature, you have to create a Google Maps JavaScript API key. Click here to learn how to create this API key.   1. First, click on  in […]

Integrating Calendly Appointments in Mobimatic

Finding a time that’s good for everyone to hop on a call or participate in a meeting often turns into a bad game of email tag. Calendly makes scheduling super simple, by coordinating your availability with others. Connect your Google Calendar to the site and Calendly will know when you […]

White Label

STEP 1: SETUP CNAME REDIRECTION Creation of Custom Name (mobile) You can setup a white labelled domain for the builder through a CNAME record. This will be the unique domain name you want your client to use.  Like  or  When your client visits or whatever you used, it will […]

Working on a Membership Site

You can access the mobimatic membership area by following this url: Once you are at the membership page, input your mobimatic username and password so you can access all the membership benefits. You can explore the membership using the following steps: 1. Input your username and password to login […]