Can’t integrate my WordPress website

First you have to install our WordPress plugin in your WordPress website. Then, after entering your WordPress website URL in the WordPress feature of Mobimatic, if you have an error message saying “our WordPress module can’t be found” be sure that: You have posts published on WordPress website (the module […]

How to preview the app I’m creating?

You have to use Apps Company Previewer. This previewer allows you to preview apps on your Mobile Devices , iOS and Android, This can be very helpful for live app testing purpose and to easily take perfect snapshot of your app for the App Store Submission. You can download it […]

The Radio Feature

With the “Radio” page you can add a radio streaming inside your app. It’s very simple to set up but you need to have the good streaming URL. Here is how a good streaming URL looks like for our “Radio” page: Example of good URLs for streaming: Your […]

Offline Mode

The Offline Mode is not really a feature, but it allows your users to download the contents of the app in their phones so that they can access it later, even if they have no connection. Let’s see how this works. When the users download the app and open it […]

QR Code Scan

This page will allow your customers to use their camera to flash a QR Code and to access specific content. To add this page to your app, just click on in “Add Pages”. Basically, a QR code is data encrypted as an image. When you use your QR Code Scan, […]

The Social Sharing Feature

The Social Sharing function allows you to share info about your app with your customers, contacts and friends, via your social networks or messages applications. To enable the function for a feature, you just need to switch the Social Sharing button to “Yes” in this feature. For example, here in […]

In App Messages

The In App Messages page allows you to display a message to users that are currently using your application. First, create a new in app message by clicking on Now is the time for you to give a title to your message and to write the text you want the […]

Editors Messages

This article will explain how to use the Editor’s Messages page. Sometimes, multiple users want to work on the same app. Mobimatic gives you the ability to share an app between multiple users to enable them work together on the same project. But how can they talk to each other about modifications […]